2017 - Baywater Properties

Corbin Project Reveals New Design for Downtown Redevelopment

Local developer Baywater Properties has revealed a new design for the Corbin Project, a proposed redevelopment for downtown Darien spanning 11 acres of property from the Bank of America on Post Road to the Darien Post Office on Corbin Drive. The project, which has adopted the moniker “Your Downtown Darien,” would transform the existing properties…Read Complete Text

New Plan for Corbin/Post Project: Less High, Less Deep, Less Large, Yet With Bigger Footprint

The big downtown redevelopment proposal for Corbin Drive and the Post Road, with its huge underground parking garage, some high buildings and a showcase “Village Green” park in the center of town, is being scrapped by the developer. The new proposal, being presented to the Planning and Zoning Commission on Tuesday night: Much more above-ground…Read Complete Text

Downtown Darien Redevelopment Plans Return

DARIEN — In an entreaty for forward-thinking on downtown redevelopment, Jon Zagrodsky asked the town to take a look into the past. Rather than focus on established issues like height of buildings and density, Zagrodsky — speaking in a private capacity and not on behalf of the Board of Finance, of which he is chairman,…Read Complete Text

Top 10 Stories of 2016: #1 —Downtown Development Takes Center Stage

A rendering of Baywater’s downtown proposal, offering a view looking south on Boston Post Road. For Darien’s Planning & Zoning Commission, 2016 was a year focused on looking towards the future. The commission was asked to consider major zoning changes in two of the town’s core business areas and updated a new town plan, mapping…Read Complete Text