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Baywater Properties is a full-service commercial real estate company serving Fairfield County, Connecticut, and Westchester County, New York. We own and actively manage a large portfolio of commercial real estate assets, and continue to seek value-added real estate investment opportunities which complement our expertise in ground-up development and asset repositioning.

We regard the tenants that we serve and the communities in which we conduct our business as key partners in our ability to create value. We strive to provide quality work environments for the tenants within our properties. Our broader objective is for our properties to enhance the economic vitality and social fabric of the communities within which they are located. As a privately held business, Baywater Properties adheres to a long tradition of serving local businesses that began in Stamford in 1923 and continues today.

At Baywater Properties, we pride ourselves on our integrity, responsiveness to investment opportunities, creativity in approach to real estate development and asset repositioning, and absolute dedication to the quality of our tenants’ experience with us.


Baywater’s founders, David and Rocky Genovese, are descendants of a family that has served local businesses for four generations. Their family’s non-real estate business interests, which operated as Genovese Industries and Peoples Oil Company, were sold in 1996.

Over the course of their history in Fairfield County, the Genovese’s have been involved in numerous office, industrial, residential condominium, and single-family residential development projects.

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